Want to Learn Lightroom? Here Are The 7 Best Adobe Lightroom Classes for Photographers

For beginner and advanced photographers, these are the best Adobe Lightroom online courses (and what I liked about them)

Oct 30, 2016   |   Katie Conlon
The Best Lightroom Classes for Beginners to Learn Lightroom

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If you are just getting started with photography, discovering Adobe Photoshop Lightroom may be just about as exciting as opening a Christmas present and finding that it is the camera you have been drooling over for months. Perhaps even better than that, because Lightroom can help you to create digital photo albums, perform editing and image processing, and even share your masterpieces in creative ways to your favorite places online with a few clicks.

While learning Lightroom may be the photography equivalent of a magic wand, like any type of wizardry, it takes time to build some skills before you can turn straw into gold. This is where top-notch online Lightroom classes come in handy.

The following courses are offered by the highly acclaimed pros over at CreativeLive and are highly recommended, not just by me but by Adobe, too. These courses can help you take your Lightroom knowledge - and hopefully your photography expertise - to the next level. CreativeLive also offers a large number of awesome online photography courses on a wide variety of subjects for you to improve your skills.

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Courses for Lightroom Beginners

If you have never touched Lightroom before and you really want to jump in and make the most of your new discovery, these courses can help get you up to speed. These courses may also be valuable to you if you have played with Lightroom and simply want to learn how to use it to its full potential.

The Complete Guide to Adobe Lightroom CC Photo Editing

As the name implies, this Lightroom bootcamp is extremely thorough and detailed. Ben Willmore, one of the renowned names in Photoshop instruction and the founder of Digital Mastery, teaches a lot about using Lightroom for photo organization and image processing. There are 24 video lessons that you can watch anywhere, anytime, on the device that is most comfortable for you.

best lightroom class for beginners to learn lightroom for the first time

This start-to-finish course is awesome because not only do you get the videos themselves, you also get a workbook that will help you follow along and access to a community of like-minded learners. The videos stay on task but Ben infuses a little humor to keep them moving along.

Some of the Lightroom insights that you may find valuable from this course include:

  • Simple how-tos on organizing your photos and making them searchable
  • Instruction on reducing image “noise” and distortion
  • Using the facial recognition function to organize photos of your favorite people
  • Polishing and perfecting images from raw exposures
  • Printing your best images
  • Creating optimal keywords for your photos and organizing them What I liked best about this course:

  • Going into this course as someone who was completely new to Lightroom, I felt that Ben’s style was on point. The lessons are well organized, but his demeanor really made me feel like he was teaching me personally. While his lessons are easy to follow, they are not dumbed-down. Even people that have worked with Lightroom and Photoshop for years can likely learn something new from each and every video, whether that has to do with processing images better, organization, or one of the other subjects that are covered so well.

    Beginner Workflows in Lightroom

    This super inexpensive course is geared towards those that want to learn a little more about using Lightroom’s photo organization and storage. Tim Grey presents the lessons, which are short, detailed, and precise. The nine-video course is simple enough to help even those that have never used Lightroom before learn the basics of importing images from a memory card, creating a file structure for the images, and naming images to make them easily searchable.

    learn beginner workflows in Lightroom

    What I liked best about this course:

    Lightroom is amazing for organizing and going through photos. Tim’s instruction through this course really helped me to optimize the way I use that function and the way I move through my workflows. There are many different ways to view the photos as I go through them, which helps me to perfect the way that the photos appear, both on their own and when placed into configurations with more than one photo visible at a time. Shortcuts and workflow tips were my biggest takeaway, and have saved me tons of time.

    Courses for More Advanced Adobe Lightroom Users

    If you are an amateur at working with Lightroom or have some photo editing experience but not specifically with Lightroom, these courses may be just what you need to kick your Lightroom game into high gear. Even if you feel pretty proficient with Lightroom, some of these tutorials could show you a thing or two, so they may be worth the watch if the subject matter gets your blood pumping.

    Photoshop and Lightroom for Landscape Photographers

    For landscape and outdoor photographers, you have to work with the light and composition that you are presented with, and it can be tough to capture exactly the way that the scene looks to the naked eye. This awesome course with Matt Kloskowski helps to solve that age-old problem, by drilling down into the specifics of what how post-processing can bring out the best of your image.

    best photoshop and lightroom class for landscape photographers

    Matt Kloskowski provides insights into the way that he enhances his own personal landscaping photographs using Photoshop and Lightroom. Matt moves back and forth between the two programs, showing you how to easily get the most from both of these fantastic resources without hitting any snags.

    Since the sky and clouds are such important elements in nearly every type of landscape photograph, Matt pays special attention to getting the sky just right, giving tips for the point of photography that can then be used later on during the editing process. Matt also addresses common conundrums like when to use polarizers and how to create breathtaking panoramas.

    What I liked best about this course:

    The easily digestible videos each focused on a particular element of landscape photography, so I went into each one knowing exactly what I was going to get out of it to help me perfect that part of my game. From when to go out to get the best photos to how to finalize a photograph, I feel like this course helped me improve my landscape photography in a million small ways.

    Creating Panoramas in Photoshop and Lightroom

    This is a low-cost and high-value course for anyone that wants to perfect the art that is the panorama. There are six bite-sized lessons that add up to less than two hours, so a small time commitment to your panorama skills can have you stitching images together and moving your boundaries around like a pro. You will also get tips and tricks that can help you plan for your panoramas even as you are shooting.

    best lightroom class for beginners to learn lightroom for the first time - panoramas

    Mike Hagen presents in a personable and cheerful style that makes him easy to learn from and fun to watch. His expertise working with Photoshop and Lightroom shine through, but his thorough and simple teaching style makes his lessons easy to follow.

    What I liked best about this course:

    I really like panoramas, so this course piqued my interest. Learning more about how to use Photoshop and Lightroom for my panoramas gave me another fantastic tool to use. Mike sharing his particular workflows gave me a little more expertise in this useful area.

    Combining Lightroom and Photoshop for a Seamless Workflow

    Lightroom and Photoshop are both wonderful resources that can help to improve your photography in many ways, but when they are used together they truly become a dynamic force in your photography. This course can help you understand when best to use the two programs together to expedite and optimize your workflows and of course, achieve the best digital photo processing.

    best lightroom class for beginners to learn lightroom for the first time

    The course is taught by Jan Kabili, who manages learning content at Adobe and is a Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements expert. In spite of her impressive expertise, Jan offers very easy to follow explanations of how to use Lightroom and Photoshop together that make it possible for even the most novice Photoshop and Lightroom users to get the gist.

    What I liked best about this course:

    I really like the fact that I learned the basics of using Lightroom and Photoshop together in about five minutes from Jan. Every single video in this course was concise and to the point. I knew exactly what I would learn to do from each clip and was able to break away and start actually using that knowledge in under 20 minutes per lesson. No wasted time, just great techniques for my bag!

    How to Use Adobe Lightroom Mobile

    Using Adobe Lightroom on your mobile or Apple TV frees you from the bonds of a computer and allows you more control over where and when you edit your photos. This course teaches you how to capture quality photos on a mobile device or import photos from traditional cameras to a mobile device or Apple TV if you prefer. After importing to the device of your choice or simply opening a photo captured on the device in Lightroom, this course teaches you how to edit it like a pro and share as desired.

    Learn how to use Lightroom mobile for beginners

    Veteran Adobe expert Bryan O’Neil Hughes, who has been a heavy hitter in the Photoshop world for many years and is now involved in driving the expansion to mobile, teaches the courses in this class. Bryan’s enthusiasm for the mobile shift is infectious, making the quick clips fun to watch and simple to learn from.

    What I liked best about this course:

    Since I have a mobile phone and an interest in photography, this course spoke my language from the start. The ability to capture moments and edit on the spot is like a small miracle. Planning shoots is important, but being able to actually use the photos from my Smartphone that are captured in real time and come out with something high quality? Priceless.

    Making and Editing Natural Looking HDR Images Using Lightroom

    HDR or High Dynamic Range can add luminescence and contrast to photos. As Jared Platt says in the course, however, many HDR image editing is overdone, so the photographs come out looking unrealistic. Jared talks you through his own techniques for using Lightroom to create HDR images that achieve their desired feeling and appearance.

    best lightroom class for beginners to learn HDR in lightroom for the first time

    Jared’s background in and focus on wedding and lifestyle photography makes HDR imaging a subject very near and dear to his heart, and that comes through in his teaching. He breaks everything down into steps and helps you to figure out how to improve your workflow while learning about this somewhat advanced technique.

    What I liked best about this course:

    I liked the fact that this course motivated me to jump into some HDR photography and gave me hope that I could edit those photos to look decent. As this is not really my forte, it was invigorating to expand my skills with such a simply presented, flexible class.

    Final Take Aways

    Adobe Lightroom can be an amazing resource for you, whether your photography is a personal love or a professional endeavor. Lightroom can make your life easier in a multitude of ways, and these classes can make Lightroom work much harder for you without all of the growing pains.

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    You will not regret taking advantage of the incredible gathering of talent and expertise that is brought together in these videos, especially combined with the flexibility of the online programs. Having the ability to go back and watch portions whenever you need is also a bonus over traditional workshops and classes. If you do decide to give them a try, I hope you get as much from the classes as I did!

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