Lightroom 6 (CC) - The Best Panorama Stitching Software Available

Until the recent release of Adobe Lightroom CC (Lightroom 6), stitching together panoramas from multiple photos was not an easy task. It had an incredibly long list of complicated steps, and involved swapping back and forth between multiple panorama stitching software platforms. Now I can stitch together a series of RAW files directly within my favorite photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom CC, into an epic panorama that is still RAW format... I don't think too many people fully appreciate how groundbreakingly incredible this is!

A stitched panorama of San Francisco

In this video, pro Jared Platt is as excited as I am about this

Why Stitch Panoramas in Lightroom and not Photoshop?

Historically, most landscape and fine art photographers have relied on Adobe Photoshop to merge multiple images into one panorama.

I personally never liked using Photoshop to merge my panoramas. Something about the way that it rendered the final image just never seemed right. I am fully aware of that software's potential and that it just may require more finess in order to perfect, but it still just never felt like it was the solution for me.

Instead I have always relied on Autopano Giga by Kolor. While this is definitely a good option, I much now prefer the ease of use and incredible range of Lightroom 6, or Lightroom CC (the same thing).

There are two major reasons why I prefer stitching panoramas in Lightroom 6 over Photoshop or any other software:

  • 1. The ability to stay within one central program for the majority of my post-processing

  • 2. The finished panorama file remains in RAW format, meaning that the high dynamic range for editing the entire stitched panorama is still there.

Yosemite Valley, California - Stitched Panoramic Landscape

The image below is a stitched panorama of six individual RAW files, merged together, and then edited as one large RAW file. All within Lightroom. This gave me tremendous range with which to develop this image into a represenation of what the scene looked like that day.

Yosemite National Park from Tunnel View

the best panorama stitching software is lightroom 6

Learn how to use Lightroom 6 for Panoramas and Everything Else - For Free

The online creative education comapny, CreativeLive has an expertly taught free Crash Course on Lightroom CC. All you have to do is make a profile, and you get access to this entire amazing course taught by professional photographers, Matt Kloskowski and Jared Platt. I highly recommend checking this one out. There is an entire section devoted to describing in-depth, how to use the Lightroom 6 software to stitch together a panorama from RAW files.

Also be sure and check out this easy-to-digest guide on how to stitch together a panorama in lightroom.

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