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About Me

What I'm All About

"Going on adventures, seeing the world, and eating all the food." My name is Justin Katz, and I like cold beer, being outside, and learning how to say 'cheers' in as many languages as I can.

I have the distinct pleasure of living in the amazing city of San Francisco, and I love it. I put together this site to showcases the very best landscape and outdoor photos that I has been able to capture while traveling and adventuring both around my home in Northern California, and every part of the world that I can get a plane ticket for.

While I have been to many incredible places with my camera, in my Visual Story I have chosen to only include what I consider to be my favorite breathtaking scenes that I has been fortunate enough to experience. From glacier hiking in the Fjords of Norway, to the Yosemite wilderness, and even to the top of the famous Golden Gate Bridge, I has seen some amazing things. However, I am just getting started.

I do this because I love it, but without all of your support and encouragement, I wouldn't be where I am. I am extremely grateful, and I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I did shooting them. Cheers to you.

How I do What I do

I began taking pictures when I was about 13. My family was traveling to Costa Rica, and my parents bought me a Nikon Coolpix, a small early-era digital camera. I went nuts, photographing everything I saw.

Fast-forward to high school, where I took my first ever photography class. With my dad's old Nikon film camera, I learned how shoot, process, and print in the darkroom. Even though I shoot digital today, I am so glad I was able to build a strong foundation in film during my high school years. It allowed me to to develop a strong appreciation for the process, and to really think through each indididual exposure.

Since then, my progression has been almost entirely self-taught. Simply by getting outside and taking pictures as often as I could, I have slowly bettered myself over the past 10-12 years, building up my portfolio of award-winning shots during my travels around the world. It has taken a long time, and hundreds of thousands of pictures, but through extensive trial and error, I have developed my skills and my own unique recognizable style.

Currently, I work with CreativeLive to create and market their incredible photography education content. I am also the co-founder of the successful outdoor photography website Travelstoked, where we feature tips, stories, and resources for everything related to adventure, travel, food, and of course, photography.

How Can You Learn to Capture Photos Like These, You Ask?

With these photography courses, that's how

It was only about a year ago that I first discovered CreativeLive and began to work with them. Being able to help create, and be a part of these incredible classes has really been a wonderful experience. I still find that I'm learning new things every day when I watch them. The expert photographers that CreativeLive has as instructors, are what make the difference.

In some form or another, I have been a part of all of the following photography courses. I have either created, helped to create, or have have simply learned from these amazing courses.

If you are serious about elevating your photography to this level, then it's the knowledge and the techniques within all these best online photography courses that will get you there, not the fancy gear. Take the step, invest in yourself.

Contact Me

I cannot tell you how much it means to me to hear from from people who enjoy what I create. So please, I encourage you, contact me with any questions you may have. Maybe you want to order prints, create something new, or simply would like some advice. Thought I am often traveling, I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

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