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My Top San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge Landscape Photos

San Francisco is an incredibly fun place to live. I honestly feel lucky and honored to be a part of a city that garners so much love and admiration from nearly everyone who visits. Every day when I walk around my city, I see tourists from far-off lands who have come to marvel at this place and take their own landscape photos of San Francisco. Having grown up here, I have had ample opportunities to explore with my camera, but I very often still find myself on some new adventure of discovery in this amazing city. It is no coincidence then that San Francisco landscapes are some of my favorite things to photograph.

The concept of taking San Francisco landscape photos encompasses a lot of different things, and means very different things to different people. For myself, it means almost entirely shortly after sunset, as the many different colored lights start to come out and reflect on the water. It means the iconic landmarks, and it means classic ideas of what it means to photograph San Francisco.

Some of these images have been photographed by the best photographers in the world thousands of time. It matters not. These are mine. These are my best San Francisco landscape photos.

The above shot is titled, "Golden Gate Bridge at Blue Hour." It was taken from a very popular and easy to reach spot in the Marin Headlands, about 45 minutes after the sunset. Other shots you will see below, were taken from far less popular or accessible perspectives.

San Francisco Panorama - The View From Treasure Island

There is a lot of work that goes into stitching together a high quality shot of the San Francisco panorama. This image is actually 13 individual high quality photos, taken on tripod, then stitched together with high powered software. The process is actually very doable, if you are willing to put in the work and accept that there will be lots of trial and error. You can learn how to stich together a panoramic image with this tutorial.

Downtown San Francisco - Market Street Glowing

This shot of the San Francisco city landscape, taken from the hill at Twin Peaks right at the magic blue hour, is also an ultra high quality stitched panoramic image (like the one above). It is a combination of four veritcal photos, aligned perfectly with a tripod, and then stitched together using softare.

Golden Gate Bridge Time-Lapse at Blue Hour

City landscape photo of the Golden Gate Bridge at the blue hour, taken from the Marin headlands over highway 101.

View from the Top of the Golden Gate Bridge

This photo taken from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge is a secret. I can't tell you how I got it, and that just angers you so much doesn't it. You know you're jealous.

Star Trails Over the Golden Gate Bridge, California

Golden Gate Bridge Star Trails Photo

This image was a total shot in the dark. Get it?

With the high levels of light pollution coming from San Francisco behind me, and the continual low-level fog creeping in, I thought this was going to be a flop. It ended up becoming a sureal and colorful night landscape photo. Check out the tutorial to learn how to capture star trail photography.

Falling Stars Over The Golden Gate

This is another of my favorite combination night and city photography shots of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

My Favorite Aerial Video of San Francisco

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